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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Village Development: 7 Seasons Rock got its first 2 routes

Manfred and I got to spend a couple of long days out in the Village last week. I began work on a new buttress called 7 Seasons because one of Lucas and I's original routes (maybe season 1) was climbed here; I think we called the route Texas Flake. The first day was as much trail work as it was route development. It took me a long time and several different horrendous bushwhacks to figure out how to get to the top of the rock so I could install chain anchors. Well I found a way and spent a couple of hours cutting and clearing shrubbery to create a nice trail to the top. By the end of the day I was still able to clean many feet of cracks and drill 6 bolts (on top of the two already used for anchors) finishing one route; Yoga in a Toga (mixed 25m). During the next visit, I was able to finish one more route, Titillating (9 bolt sport 25m). These are going to be 5.Fun climbs!
Both routes are climber's right of bushy crack. Work has begun on the left pointy tower thing.
There is a huge roof right at knee level which makes for a perfect shady spot for a hot dog.
Yoga in a Toga
This heinous offwidth is another route that Lucas and climbed back in the early days. Its on the backside of the Shoulder Blade.
A good look at the Rolling Ramp and Heaven View.

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