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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bridger Ice climbing: The Cottonmouth

Lucas, Cole and I headed into the Bridgers for some quick top roping on the Cottonmouth.

Bridger Ice Climbing: The Cottonmouth

Lucas, Cole and I walked up to the Cottonmouth for some quick top ropes. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bridger Ice climbing: The Cottonmouth

I think it was Jeff Lee and I getting in some laps after work. I have climbed more pitches of ice in the dark than I have the light!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Absaroka Caving: Boulder River Ice Cave

Lucas rapped into this cave and noticed a giant flow of ice in it. Well that sounds like a FA ice climb to me! So we went back and tried to send a trad route up to it instead of hiking WAY around to the top of it and rapping in. We got to the ledge to the looker's right of the cave but couldnt get near it. Oh, we'll be back.

Lucas after the failed bid to climb up to the cave. Notice the nice strawberry below his left eye? You can thank a 0.5 BD for popping out after he gave it a little test jerk and punching himself really hard in the face. I actually got my first taste of the screaming barfies on this climb. When I got to the belay, I just leaned forward and screamed as the blood flow came back into my hands. It was uncontrollable. It was almost weird. But heck did it hurt! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Absarokas: Mt.Cowen NE Ridge

Anna, Manfred, Lucas and I spent the weekend climbing Mt.Cowen's famous NE ridge. It is a super fun easy climb with terrific exposure (if you want) and tons of climbing. We had a rope of 3 with me leading to simul-climb the whole thing. We were able to do it in 4 pitches. I think the guide book says 9 pitches? 
Looking up at the Centennial route from Elbow lake.


Manfred and I are professional campers!

And all of a sudden we're on the summit! 

Hmm, any Grey Poupon?
Or bottle rockets!?

Super proud of her for overcoming the fear. When you get on the E side of the mountain, you're in no mans land looking up at the climb that looks so far away and extremely committing. Especially since you cant see the weather! So kudos for the Illinoyance for staying tough!
We somehow simply walked off. By the time we got back to camp, Manfred was wrapped around a tree and we were all acting a little dehydrated, i.e. wasted! 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Absarokas: Emigrant Peak

Anna, Manfred, and I bagged Emigrant one lovely summer day.

Anna on final summit ridge; we kept Manfred back a little - too rocky for the lil guy.

Hey wise guy! This rain jacket is NOT padding me from the rocks!
This is me telling you IM HUNGRY! 
Seriously, this is my serious face!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Absarokas: Mt.Black

A solo trip for me for my 4th? try for Mt.Black summit. Got it this time! I dont think I took any summit photos because this summit in particular is really wondrous, awe inspiring, and too worthy for a 2D photo.

Cant wait to climb and ski the Twins!

Some bizarre, extremely thin ice.

Aren't they purdy!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ross Peak Banana Couloir

6am solo mission begins!

Banana for breakfast!

See the String Bean couloir just lookers right of the Banana? Havnt skied it.... yet.

A safe, fun boot up. 

Some photos from the false summit.

There is the real summit. 

Looking down at Ross Pass.

Had too much fun shredding that!

Post shred. Really looking forward to the hike then skin then hike back out.