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Friday, April 17, 2015

Coachella 2015 Weekend 2

I made it to my first REAL music festival, Coachella 2015 Weekend 2 in southern California. Biggest, most fun, craziest and every other adjective you can think of thing I have ever done. Im going to let the pics do all the talking. I will throw out a call to action though: GO TO COACHELLA!

The Sahra Dome where I spent most of my time (EDM)

Thats a Polo filed the rest of the year.

I didnt know some of these lights and lasers even existed!

A Boominator: Solar powered boombox (with 4 10' subs!) that can charge your phone = big hit.
We definitely had the party tent. If it wasnt a huge flip-cup train, it was pong. Brought me back to my college days. 
PLUR: Peace Love Unity Respect. A traditional EDM decoration.
I met Ryan down there. In fact, the only one I knew heading down there was my friend Brad who invited me. Turns out he has some cool friends. Ryan came down from AK.
Walking in to the venue. 

Rocking the bolo tie. Cuties loved it! This was pre Yellow Claw mosh pit. 
Post Yellow Claw mosh pit. I landed on my face so hard!
Some of the crew. We left our phones at camp for the most part so I didnt take many photos. Not my proudest photo but heck, we were having fun. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A couple first ascents out at the Village: Tower Pitch and Cube Crack

Sam showed up after my big scout day so I had a climbing partner. We went right to Tower Pitch which I bolted last summer and climbed it on TR a few times to clean it up a bit. I lead it without much problem and we gave it a 5.9 rating; medium cam to 5 bolts and chain anchors. After that we went to a crack that Travis and I spied early in the year and I installed some chain anchors so we could TR (top rope). A fun 5.9 lieback puts you on an easy 5.5 facey cracky thing to the anchors, Cube Crack 5.9. It was a wee bit chilly so that was all we got done that day.
Tower Pitch 5.9 starts with a cam in that undercling pocket.

A bad photo of Cube Crack, the lieback is barely visible lower right. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Village (of Rocks) Scout day: Found Rocks and Native American artifacts

There was a section of the Village that nobody had been to yet so I packed lightly and took Manfred for an all day hike. I found so many unclimbed trad, mixed and sport lines that I quit taking photos. Not to mention all the boulders I found nooked in the trees! I was lucky enough to stumble upon some Native American artifacts that was totally unexpected. Now I know where to move the cache!
Ever since I got a black and yellow pack, I have been noticing all kinds of black and yellow things that match (mys sisters cat, a bruised banana and something else I dont remember so far). 
I dubbed these the Road Ramps.

Found an old lean-to.

A nice boulder waiting for climbers.
Another nice boulder; this one scared me away, Im pretty sure thats a bear's den underneath it!
A no-hands friction slab.
A nice crack.
Some face climbing.
More face climbing.
And more...

A highball boulder.
This face is called Proud Face. 

This unnamed rock is down and to the right of the Morning Glove.

The most underrated hiking dogs ever. That lil guy is a machine!
The atleast 60m Morning Glove. One of the first trips out there for me was to this rock.
Or maybe this was the rock down and to the right of the Morning Glove.. ahhh! More rocks more problems!

Lucas climbed that shaded chimney in a down jacket one day and it rained feathers!

A perfect hands crack we climbed years ago called FAF1 with FAF2 crack to the right. (First ascent fever)
We TR'd that perfect tips crack.
A look at Ol' Two Tier from the hike out.
Schwabby's Acces and Up and Adam are on the ramps to the left of the low angle ramp.
The Native American area.

Terraces for ?

A platform with a grinding bowl placed centrally.

I twisted the rock to orient it the way it was used to grind. The grinding stone is about softball size and the dish is atleast a pair of basketballs.
Bison skulls bleaching on the boulder above.

If you ever see this set-up, dont be shy. Always got cold beer (and OJ).