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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gallatin Tower: right side single pitch routes

I made my first trip to the Tower in maybe 5 years with Sam and Manfred after work. I remembered top roping a few single pitch routes on the lower right side that were memorable fun and I wanted to re-familiarize myself. We started on Orange Crack and worked our way left. I lead Orange Crack all gear 5.9 30m. I thought the lower 5.7 section was harder than the upper 5.9 section! Then, from those bolted anchors, we top roped Tigger 5.10a and Thing in Between 5.9 before it got dark on us. These routes were all as good as I remembered.
Sam starting up Orange Crack (thanks for the orange helmet)
If you look closely, you can see both ends of the rope and a textbook situation showing why you ALWAYS knot the end of your ropes. If those knots were not there, it would be easy to drop your partner or rappel of the ends. In this case, you wouldnt fall very fall but it is the most frequent accident in climbing.

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