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Monday, February 24, 2014

Fort Peck Ice Fishing 2014

My dad, his/our friend Greg and I got a later-than-normal start to the Fort Peck trip this year but it didnt affect the fishing! Within the first couple of hours of fishing Monday morning, we knew the Pike bite was on. The average Pike size this year was unreal, averaging about 32-36"! I dont know how many we caught and kept; we threw back quite a few. The Walleyes took a little more effort but by the time we left, we had a dozen or so. We all caught the biggest Pike we had ever caught! Greg's was 42", Dad's was 40" and mine came in at 38" (I have actually caught a 39.75" Pike but it was pretty skinny). The fishing was great, catching even better, beer was cold, and the laughs never stopped; what more could you ask for from a fishing trip with your dad?
I think this was the first fish to come through the ice and just a hair larger than average. 
We (especially this guy) caught so many of these we quit taking pictures!

One way to know if you have a good hoe or not; are there any blood stains on the ice?
Greg with the big guy. His first fish of the weekend and the first on a tip up.
Notice the tiny hook in the corner of her mouth and the clear mono coming up to the ice line. Greg, do that twice!
That what we're here for!
A select few from the first day.
Fish cleaning becomes an endeavor when you bring in hauls like we did. 
Thats one fat 42" Northern!

My dad's 40". He has been waiting atleast 13 years to break the 40" mark but this Pike was noticeably skinnier than the rest of the big fish we caught.
My 38" Pickerel.