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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hyalite Ice: Lower Greensleeves and G2

Lucas, Manfred and I went to Hyalite for my first ice lead and first ice multi-pitch! Smiling ear to ear the whole time, I easily led Lower Greensleeves. We also wanted the Hangover but it had climbers so we traversed over to G2. Since we only had a few screws and needed practice V-threading, and since G2 has a nice shelf half way up, we multi-pitched it. Lucas took the 1st half and then I climbed up to the trees for P2.
Lucas on one of his 1st leads. 
Practicing that V-thread.
Lucas following, hands free. 
A little ice cave behind G2.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

10th Mountain Division hut excursion in Colorado to the Eiseman hut

Anna Berstrom, Donna and Tim McParlan and I skinning into the hut. This was the winter of no snow everywhere but we got incredibly lucky and it snowed ~12" while we were skinning!!!!!

A big ol' powder smile. 

The crew after our first lap out of the hut.

Tim and I were going lap for lap all day; we just couldnt get enough and neither of us had been in pow like that for a long time. Let alone pow in the backcountry in an uber safe scenario.

No matter how tired we got, you couldnt wipe the smiles off our faces with an SOS pad!

Got up early the next day for some more laps.

Some of the coolest people you'll ever meet from Illinois.

I though it was blue square and green circle? J/k this is a trail marker. If you have never been backcountry hut skiing anywhere, umm do it.