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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beartooths: Granite Peak

Miles and I went back for Granite for my second bid. This time I got it! Weather was less than ideal and we probably 'dodged a bullet' owing to the fact that arcs of electricity were bridging the gaps between our fingers and whatever we reached over to pick up off the ground! I watched about a 3ft arc go from Miles' finger tip to his camera and instantly announced that it was time to start the rappels. Thats probably why nobody else got it that day.
Mystic from the switchbacks from hell.
Froze to Death plateau actually sustains ample wildlife.

We thought it would be funny to bait the goats up to our tent with urine. Turns out those devils fiend for that stuff and harassed us the whole weekend.
I actually had to kick a billy right in the face cause he was lapping my pee up before it was hitting the ground and getting way too close to the source.

Hmm so we're climbing to the roof of MT with weather like that?

It just kept getting better the closer we got.
But, as you can see, the ceiling lifted just enough for us to solo the climbers route to the top.

Nature Valley you have my permission to use this photo for a small fee!