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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hyalite Ice: Lower Greensleeves and G1

Anna and I took Sam out for his first ice climbs! Now he's hooked (get it!?).
Thats me running it out on Lower Greensleeves to set up a top rope.

I ended up using one screw. 
Theres Anna B

Anna adding a directional.

Sam's first swings!

We each got a pair of laps.
Then we moved over to G1 for some more top roping. Im leading it here but I end up down climbing.


Me in the chimney. It came in sooo nicely this year. I may not have been leading ice very long but I have been top roping G1 for years.

That upper chimney is my favorite chunk of G1.
Mr.BadAss himself soloing by. We just moved our rope out of the way for Whitney. 

Sam's turn on the rope and some steeper ice.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Colorado Ice Climb and Ski trip: Ouray and Vail

Anna and I, on her spring break, cruised down to Ouray for some ice climbing and then Vail for some skiing and more ice climbing. Ouray is an incredible slot canyon of farmed ice that has over 120 routes within 1 mile! The local brewery let us sleep in their empty room because the owner knew how much fun car camping in snow/mud is not. He also suggested we stay at Orvis Hotsprings just a short drive North. They have awesome raised tent platforms with clothing optional pools accessible 24 hours a day. I HIGHLY recommend a visit. We then visited some friends in Vail and did some skiing. The snow conditions were so poor that we decided to ice climb instead. 
Anna deciding which top rope anchor to use.

Too much fun. Everyone was having a blast!

That me in the red jacket on top of the flow. (Corkscrew?)

Rackin' up!

Well, for having planned on going skiing that day, we still found something fun to do and made some memories!