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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tobacco Roots link-up: Hollowtop to Jefferson to Lost Horse to Potosi Peak

I have been looking W at the Tobacco Root skyline for years and have wanted to traverse 'the N half' of the Roots' skyline for a couple of years now. So I cruised out there solo to the Mason Lakes TH and did just that. I was on top of Hollowtop in 1:30mins and the rest was a cake walk. I traversed the easy saddle to Jefferson. From Jefferson, I walked down to the saddle with Lost Horse and scrambled across the rocky W side before regaining the ridge proper and summiting Lost Horse. Then it was off to Potosi Peak via another saddle. The original plan was to drop down to Hollowtop lake and traverse over to the car but the going was so pleasant on top that I just reversed the route. It only took 3.5 hours to bag 4 peaks; one of the most successful hikes I have ever been on and a truly undiscovered classic hike for the Bozeman area. 
I had heard there might be a worthy N face buttress on Hollowtop.

Looking E from Hollotop.

Looking S towards Jefferson, Lost Horse and Potosi.

Looking N at Hollowtop from Jefferson.

On Jefferson looking S to Lost Horse (flat) Potosi (far left).

Hollowtop Lake from Lost Horse.
Looking W from Lost Horse.

Looking at Potosi from Lost Horse.

Looking North from Potosi with the 3 summits I just bagged.

And back to the trail. What an awesome day to be alive and in the mountains!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tobacco Roots: Mt. Bradley and Branham lakes

 Manfred and I made an impromptu trip to Branham lakes for a little beer drinking, fishing, camping, and hiking. We met Lucas, Josh, and Drew up there. After a long afternoon and evening of shenanigans, Manfred and I woke up early and bagged Bradley Peak in 45 minutes. We were back at the trooper and driving by 8am. I had to work that day still.

Manfred's 1st boat ride!

I dont know what that is but I do know its not something I am going to eat.

Manfred is pretty good at finding the most comfortable spot to lay down. Lucky for him uncle Lucas always has his stuff wide open and sprawled out everywhere. 

Skanoeing around upper Branham lake in a down pour. Why? Why not! 

Branham lakes from Bradley.

Somehow it didt rain on us.