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Friday, December 20, 2013

Wednesday Ice at G1 with the Prolite crew

Photos courtesy of Devin Schmit. It was the first Wednesday night ice of the year and Prolite got a decent crowd up to G1. The wall is in fat conditions and we had a bunch of top ropes set up. About 10pm and 6 laps later I was spent. A lot of people had a lot of fun. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hyalite: Pallisade Falls

Devin, Brittany, Manfred and I thought we might avoid the Ice Fest crowd by going to Pallisade Falls... wrong! It was alright though; you cant get mad at people for getting outside and playing. After shivering for almost 2 hours while a party climbed (actually it was one guy that took a long, looong time to lead it and clean it) we were able to get our ropes set up. Devin and I each got a pair of laps in before it got too dark. Jojo says its the best WI3 pitch in the canyon; I disagree. It was so bumpy and globular that it felt like a rock climb. Its nice and long and easy to get to but I dont see myself going back to it very often. Pretty fat conditions. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I had never been to a pro football game nor tailgated on any level; popped both those cherries! We had a bar, bbq, burgers, bean bags, great parking spot and a whole bunch of enthusiasm! I am now considered a Broncos fan!

This is my twin. Apparently she got a hold of my camera and took some selfies, so Im going to publish them!

Ben and Kourtney
Look out Mile High, here we come! (and we have been drinking!)

I just had to run down to the filed atleast once!

The guys in front of us were having a little fun too.

Game over.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Arapaho Basin CO

The Barrett family, my sister, Kourtney's boyfriend Ben and I all went to Colorado for a long weekend. Stop one was Arapaho Basin. The mountain wasnt completely open but fun was had by all none-the-less!
I guess our first stop was actually the Motherlode Bar in Georgetown where we stayed the night. The 'Montanans' owned that bar!
Even though temp.s were hovering around 0, we were plenty warm. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blacktail Ranch Cave

Lucas' fungal collection project got us the huge privilege of going into the private Blacktail Ranch Cave unescorted! Ben, Lucas and I jumped at the opportunity. This cave is extremely historic. Archaeologists from UofM have been excavating the cave for a while now. They have found a cave bear skull, a 26,000 year old horse, musk-oxen skeletons, and some human artifacts that predate the 'Ice Age Land Bridge from Asia to North America' hypothesis! If that is true, the ramifications are huge! Science is going to get one big slap in the face! This cave was open during the last ice age and is located in a corridor that was not frozen stretching from Canada to somewhere south of here. There have also been huge amounts of ancient indian artifacts removed as well. I have been in a few caves now and none have a history like this one.
The entrance (enhanced for the tour groups that book the dude ranch).
Goin down
I think this is some kind of gimic for the tourists. 
According to the Riddels (owners) there are no bats in this cave. Data point!
I crawled into a cavern and thought I was getting into a gaseous inversion; turns out it is water! A lake! It was really trippy and took a minute for me to realize it was water. I KNOW the cave keeps going but I dont scuba.
One of the many times our decent was halted by the water table (lake).

Excavation equipment.
Lucas in a meticulously dug and labeled pit.
Lucas in an even deeper one. The archaeologists have to dig through ~6ft of breakdown. The cave's ceiling fell in sometime after all the ancient things were in here. 
An indian grinding bowl, two mouse terds at the ready.
The stone to the right fits like a glove in the larger stone's depression.

Hey! Thats what we came for!
Something tribal
Bear paw
The entrance
Lucas and Ben thought it would be fun to fire up the generator and turn on the lights... so they did! The lights only go into the large caverns. We spent hours crawling around in the other passages.
Dont bother me Im eating lunch
Yes, that is a maple bar with bacon and a growler of scotch ale.